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C1321: Carpenter's Star Wall Quilt
- Apr 18, 2024 10:30 am

Two Thursdays! Learn some of the tricks of quilting with Sandra to make this beautiful wall quilt. Finished size is 36" x 36". It looks harder than it is! You can do this!

Cost: $ 40.00
C1322: Scan-N-Cut Basics #2
- Apr 19, 2024 10:30 am

This class is a follow-up from the basics class. You will learn more than the basics like lettering, re-sizing and more! Must have a SDX225F, SDX230DX, SDX325 or SDX330D and have registered your machine. Bring some 65 and 80 lb cardstock if you have it and all the supplies that came with your machine. Sign up, learn and have fun!

Cost: $ 30.00
C1325: SmartSofaStation
- Apr 27, 2024 09:30 am

Do you love armchair crafting, but hate the mess that comes with it? If you?ve ever experienced the frustration of losing your scissors or wished for a better way to work than sticking needles into the arm of your sofa, then this ingenious product is here to save the day! The Smart Sofa Station is not only a multi-craft organizer but also a stylish addition to your armchair. With its beautifully quilted base and a variety of pockets, it caters to the needs of quilters, English paper piecers, crocheters, embroiderers, and more! Now you can keep your scissors, notions, and projects in orderly, easy-to-grab places - no more hunting around for your misplaced tools.

Cost: $ 40.00
C1326: Square Folded Star Hot Pad Class
- May 16, 2024 10:30 am

The folded star hot pad is a classic pattern made simple using a revolutionary technique to create an 8" square hot pad. This is an easy project that turns out amazing! Two classes! Sign up and join in the fun!

Cost: $ 40.00
C1205: Scan-N-Cut Club Intro to Canvas
- May 17, 2024 10:30 am

Two Classes! Learn how to use Canvas to create, import and edit images and patterns. CanvasWorkspace is cloud based software and is FREE and loaded with FREE projects. You will need to bring your laptop with the free software already downloaded. First class will concentrate on Canvas Workspace Basics, second class on May 24 will be on Editing, Tracing, Welding, etc.

Cost: $ 70.00
You will learn about how to choose the proper needle and thread for your project, how to adjust your tensions and how to keep your machine clean. Space is limited, sign up early!

Cost: $ 40.00
You will learn the basics of how to use this great software. You must have the software loaded and updated on your laptop. We do have 2 in stock available for purchase at a discounted price. Come and learn how to be even more creative!

Cost: $ 40.00

Friendly Stitches’
Class Etiquette Rules:

Only one rule: please be considerate and respectful of others (teachers, fellow students, facility). In other words, fees are due at time of registration, cancellation and refunds only available 10 days prior to class, no children or guests or cell phones and your machine must be in good working order. That way we can all learn something and have fun doing it!



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